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Brochures & Information

Agricultural Services Equipment Rentals Brochure
Burning Permits and Regulations Brochure
Business License Pre-Inspection Checklist Brochure
Community Standards Bylaw Brochure
Off Highway Vehicle Brochure - pdf
Public Hearing Brochure
Planning and Development Brochures/Cheat Sheets

Road Construction Standards
Road Safety Brochure - pdf
Rural Addressing Information Brochure

Screening Standards 
Share the Road Brochure - pdf



Business License Bylaw 1018/1988
Cayley Off-Site Levy Bylaw 73/2002
Community Aggregate Payment Levy Bylaw 9/2018
Community Standards Bylaw 45/2013 
Consumption of Cannabis Bylaw 43/2018
Council Code of Conduct Bylaw 30/2017
Dark Sky Bylaw 27/2009
Fee Schedule Bylaw 53/2020
NEW Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw 15/2019
Foothills Fire Services Bylaw 18/2015
Land Use Bylaw 60/2014
Land Use Bylaw 60/2014 Part 7 & 8
Land Use Bylaw 60/2014 Appendix
Land Use Bylaw 60/2014 - Amendments (Third Reading)
Land Use Maps

Meeting Procedural Bylaw 51/2020
Sign Bylaw - 18/2006
Special Events Bylaw - 66/1997
Subdivision Approving Authority Bylaw 148/1995
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw 139/1995
Traffic Bylaw 35/2012
Water Conservation Bylaw 119/2005
Water Sewer and Garbage Bylaw 195/2007
Water Use and Conservation Bylaw 1/2021


Business License Application 


Fee Bylaw 53/2020: Planning Services, Safety Codes, Public Works & Engineering , GIS & Mapping, Road Allowance & Municipal Reserves, Fire Department Rates and Fees, Utility Rates.


Abandoned Well Sites
Application For Amendment to the Land Use Bylaw
Affidavit of Corporate Signing Authority

Business License Application

Credit Card Authorization Form

Cemetery: Contract for Cemetery Services
Cemetery: Monument Work Permit

Boundary Adjustment Subdivision Application

Development Permit Application

Fire Safety Plan for Construction, Renovation and Demolition Sites

Letter of Authorization

Notice of Development Appeal 

Subdivision Application

Taxes: Installment Payment Plan Terms
Taxes: TIPP Application
Taxes: School Support
Taxes: Tax Search/ Certificate Request
Taxes: eSEND Application

Utilities: Pre-Authorized Debit Form for Utility Monthly & Bi-Monthly Payments 


Fire Permits


Hamlet of Blackie Area Structure Plan
Hamlet of Cayley Area Structure Plan
Hamlet of Millarville Area Structure Plan
High River Airport Area Structure Plan
Highway 2A Industrial Area Structure Plan
Highway 2A Design Guidelines 
Municipal Development Plan 2010

Spruce Meadows Area Structure Plan - 16 Parts
              Part 1
              Part 2
              Part 3
              Part 4
              Part 5

              Part 6
              Part 7
              Part 8
              Part 9
              Part 10
              Part 11
              Part 12
              Part 13
              Part 14
              Part 15
              Part 16

The Village of Longview and Foothills Intermunicipal Development Plan
The Town of Okotoks and Foothills Intermunicipal Development Plan
The Towns of Black Diamond / Turner Valley and Foothills Intermunicipal Development Plan
The High River and Foothills Intermunicipal Development Plan
The City of Calgary and Foothills Intermunicipal Development Plan



Excessive Road Grade Policy
Dust Control - Spot Treatment Program Policy
Gravel Road Policy
Municipal Reserve Policy
Public Participation Policy
Rural Approach Standards Policy
Shallow and Overhead Utilities
Snow Removal Policy
Street Lighting Policy
Water Policy