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Water Conservation Bylaw - pdf

Basement Flood Handbook - pdf

General Information

Sump Pumps

Foundation drain sump pumps are recommended in all locations due to the possibility of groundwater level changes. Groundwater levels can change dramatically from year to year as well as seasonally.
Never pump foundation drains or sumps to the septic system. This increased flow to the field can cause it to fail and back-up prematurely.

Waste Disposal

Septic tank and field must comply with Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice 2009.
Never install a septic field in an area that does not have effective drainage. Poor drainage above a septic field could lead to the infiltration of rain water into the soil and saturation of the soil and premature septic field failure.

Audible or visual high level alarms on a septic tank are recommended to warn against high tank levels which may lead to back-up within your home.

Water and Sewer Information Sheet

Foothills County is committed to ensuring that a safe and plentiful water supply is available for future generations to come.

Foothills County provides water services to the Silvertip subdivision, the Hamlets of Aldersyde, Blackie, and Cayley and along the High River -Aldersyde Industrial corridor. Sanitary sewer service is currently provided in the Hamlets of Cayley and Blackie.

Water/Sewer Service Billing

Inquiries regarding billing rates and status can be directed to Marilyn Gordon-Cooper at the Foothills County administration office Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at 403-603-6224. Current utility rates are shown below. All billing periods are for two months. (One cubic meter is equivalent to 1000 litres.)

Residential water, sewer and garbage rates for:
Aldersyde and Silvertip, Blackie and Cayley are listed within the Fee Bylaw found here.

Water/Sewer Service and Water Quality Complaints

Our Utility Officers are on call 24 hrs every day of the year should an issue arise regarding water/sewer service and/or water quality. They can be reached at 1-888-808-3722.

Inquiries can also be directed to the County Engineer Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at 403-652-2341.

Bulk Water Fill Locations

Water is available for purchase from Aldersyde, Blackie and Fish Creek Ranch Water Plants.

Aldersyde: located on the northeast corner of Brooks Street and Alberta Avenue.

Hours: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
Water $5.00/cubic metre (220 Imperial gallons/1000 litres)
Payment: Credit Cards, Credit Card Tap, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and with an Account.
To set up an account - contact 403-652-2341 for information. Receipts provided

Blackie: located on the east side of John Street between Alberta and Railway Avenues.

Hours: 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week
Rates:  Water: $5.00/cubic metre (220 Imperial gallons/1000 litres)
Payment:  loonies and toonies.  No receipts are provided.

Fish Creek Ranch (FCR) truck bulk fill station. Located at the intersection of 194 Avenue W and 368 Street W, the FCR bulk fill station is 5.5 km south of Highway 22 on Highway 762, east on 194 Avenue W to 368 Street W. 

Hours: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
Water $5.00/cubic metre (220 Imperial gallons/1000 litres)
Payment: Credit Cards, Credit Card Tap, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and with an Account.
To set up an account - contact 403-652-2341 for information. Receipts provided

Residential Sewage Dump Station

A residential sewage dump station is located within the High River R.V. Corral and Mini Storage. Disposal service is available for a fee. The 24 hr pager for the location is 403-652-4853.

Well Water Quality Testing

For those residents using a well for their water supply, the Headwaters Health unit will perform checks on water supplies to access their suitability for human consumption. These tests include bacteria testing as well as chemical analysis. The cost for this service is $5.00. Arrangements for sampling as well as sample bottles can be obtained from the health unit at 403-995-2600. They can be contacted Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 12:00PM and 1:00PM to 4:30PM.

Water Well Information

Valuable information pertaining to monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting and protecting your well from contamination can be obtained by contacting Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Engineering Services Branch and requesting a copy of Water Wells that last generations at 780-427-2181. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8:15AM to 12:00PM and 1:00PM to 4:30PM. Alternatively, you can visit their website for an electronic copy of the guide at http://www.agric.gov.ab.ca under engineering/water/dugouts and wells/water wells.

Learn To Read Your Water Meter

Foothills County uses water meters that read like odometers. Meters are not usually reset between readings. To find out how much water you've used in any given period, just subtract the reading from your last bill from the current meter reading.

Learn To Use Your Water Meter To Detect Leaks

Use your water meter to check for leaks in your home. Start by turning off all faucets and water-using appliances and make sure no one uses water during the testing period. Take a reading on your meter and wait about 30 minutes, then take a second reading. If the dial has moved, you have a leak.