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Public Works


Foothills County employs a small core group of full time employees complimented by seasonal staff during the summer months. Most of our construction projects are completed by Foothills County with some of the larger projects being tendered out as per legislation.


2016 Projects

Updated November 10, 2016

  • Project: Blackie & Cayley valve replacement

    Affected Streets in Blackie: John Street, Aberdeen Street, Stuart Street, Railway Street, and Glasgow Street

    Please be advised that construction along the above streets in Blackie is set to commence November 8, 2016. Affected homeowners have been advised accordingly by way of delivering individual letters to them.

    Stein Excavation Technologies will be working in your community on behalf of the County of Foothills to replace affected home water services. Each valve repair is expected to be completed within a day.

    The scope of work is to replace curb stops (or lot servicing valves) and some main valves in need of replacement. New sidewalk sections will be installed in 2017 to avoid settlements. Affected roads will not be closed.

    Work on these replacements is scheduled to be completed approximately by the end of November 2016, date may vary depending on weather conditions.

    We appreciate your patience during this construction and look forward to the completion of these important valve replacements.