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Current Fire Ban, Restriction or Advisory

No Fire

There is a Burning Ban on all open fires including burning barrels, campfires, and Fire Works/Exploding Targets in Foothills County. All open fires are to be extinguished and any open burning permits cancelled. This ban will be in effect until ALL areas within Foothills County receive substantial moisture and approval is received to lift the fire ban.


1. Rick Saulnier, Fire Chief of Foothills County in consultation with Council:

          a. SUSPEND all fire permits issued under the authority of the Forest and Prairie Protection Act,

          b. REQUIRE all outdoor fires presently burning whether set under the authority of a fire permit or not, extinguished, and

          c. PROHIBIT the lighting of outdoor fires within Foothills County.

2. This order INCLUDES FIREWORKS/EXPLODING TARGETS, BURNING BARRELS, CAMPFIRES and any other outdoor fires that do not require fire permits. This ban also includes:

  • Fires that require a permit, Class1 and Class2. (Class1 is for small burns, less than 10 x 10 X 5, Class2 is for large burns, any area that is 10’ X 10’ X 5’ or larger).
  • Fireworks and Exploding Targets.
  • Torches or Lanterns with open flame
  • Safe residential fire pits and safe campfires in campgrounds (Non-combustible unit 36 inches in diameter or less).
  • Charcoal briquette and solid fuel barbecues
  • Chiminea’s (with screen covers that are located on non-combustible surfaces)
  • Wood pellet smokers
  • Incinerators (for farm and acreage use), Burning barrels (steel drum no larger than 45gallons, with screen covers that are located on a non-combustible surface

3. THIS ORDER does not apply to:

          a. fires contained in industrial facilities or on industrial sites approved by the Fire Chief.

         b. internal household fireplaces, camp stoves, liquid fuel BBQ’s (propane and natural gas), propane fire pits and flame tables.

4. THIS ORDER comes into effect on the 27 day of July 2021.

DATED at the Town of High River, in the Province of Alberta, this 27 day of July 2021.

Thank you,

Rick Saulnier, Fire Chief


Fire Permits are mandatory in Foothills County

Open fires are allowed by obtaining a burning permit issued through the Online Burning Permit application .

Alberta Fire Bans

Fire permits are required for any burning in the Forest Protection Area (excluding campfires).
You can get a fire permit by contacting the Environment and Sustainable Resource Development office in:
Calgary 403-297-8800
Blairmore 403-562-3210

For information on wildfire status: Alberta Wildfire Status

Fire Permits are mandatory in Foothills County!
Burning Permits & Regulations

The burning of prohibited debris is against the law. Prohibited debris includes but is not limited to this list:

  • Tires
  • Plastics
  • Household Garbage
  • Paint and paint cans
  • Used motor oil
  • Furniture
  • Treated Products

Please only burn clean burnable debris. Other material can be disposed of at the Foothills Landfill and regular tipping fees will apply for Foothills County residents.
Thank you,

Foothills Fire
T: 403-603-3571
F: 403-254-3145