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The Province

Municipalities in Alberta are created by the Provincial Government. All the responsibilities and powers that municipal governments have including those related to planning, land use, subdivision and development are dictated by the Province. Alberta Municipal Affairs has produced a document that outlines the provincial legislative framework for municipal planning. It is called The Legislative Framework for Municipal Planning, Subdivision and Development Control. It can be found on the Municipal Affairs Website here.

The County

The authority for municipal planning, subdivision and development control is established in
Part 17 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA or "The Act"). The Act allows municipalities to adopt plans and land use bylaws and make planning decisions to achieve the beneficial use of land without infringing on the rights of individuals except to the extent necessary for the greater public interest.

In addition, the Subdivision and Development Regulation provides for the administration of subdivision applications, subdivision and development conditions, registration and endorsements of subdivision and setbacks for provincial appeals.