Welcome to Municipal District of Foothills No. 31

Planning Policies

When making planning and development decisions under Part 17 of the Municipal Government Act, the Council of the MD of Foothills or their designates will consider all applicable statutory and non-statutory plans, bylaws and policies.






Statutory Plans:

Calgary Metropolitan Region Growth Plan

This plan was mandated by the Government of Alberta under the  Calgary Metropolitan Region Board Regulation. For more information visit the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board website here.

Intermunicipal Development Plans

The M.D. of Foothills has Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs) in place with most of our municipal neighbours. For a full list of IDPs visit our Intermunicipal Development Plans page.

The M.D.’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP2010)

This document outlines a comprehensive vision for the MD addressing the type of development that is desired and some of the important characteristics of the area that members of the community feel are worth preserving and protecting. A copy of MDP2010 can be found on the Resource Library Page under "Plans" here.

Area Structure Plans

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a statutory plan, adopted by Bylaw which provides a framework for redesignation, subdivision and development of an area of land. For a full list of the M.D.'s approved ASPs visity our Area Structure Plans page.

Area Redevelopment Plans


The M.D.’s Land Use Bylaw 60/2014


Non-Statutory Plans:

Outline Plans and Area Concept Plans are non-statutory plans that are used as a guideline for the subsequent redesignation, subdivision and development of an area of land. All approved Area Concept Plans and Outline Plans are listed and described on the Area Concept Plan and Outline Plans page.