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Land Use Bylaw

LUB logoThe Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is a regulatory document that governs what may occur on a piece of property depending on that property's zoning.


Land Use Bylaw 60/2014
Land Use Bylaw 60/2014 part 7 & 8
Land Use Bylaw 60/2014 Appendix
Land Use Bylaw 60/2014 - Amendments (Third Reading)
Land Use Maps

Hard copies of the Land Use Bylaw 60/2014 are available upon request for $30.




The MD of Foothills is holding ongoing public hearings to rezone lands throughout the Municipality to align land uses with the new Land Use Bylaw. 

December 17, 2014, a new Land Use Bylaw was adopted under Bylaw 60/2014 thus rescinding the previous Land Use Bylaw 1/99.  The following existing land use districts were rescinded with the adoption of the new Land Use Bylaw:

  • Commercial Park District;
  • Industrial Park District;
  • Commercial Rural District;
  • Industrial Rural District.

Lands in the municipality with these zonings need to be rezoned to the most appropriate new land use district based on the types of uses that have been approved for the properties. 

No new uses are being proposed on the lands through these redesignations. This process is strictly administrative, assigning land use designations similar to those eliminated through the passing of our new Land Use Bylaw. The redesignation of these lands does not impact the existing development approvals on the subject lands – the existing development approvals remain in the same status as before the redesignation.  However, new applications and/or amendments to existing approvals will need to be dealt with under new land use districts.

The new Land Use Bylaw can now be viewed (see above) and Part 5 and Part 6 outline all the Land Use Districts and provisions thereof.
The MD will be send out letters, make phone calls, and meeting with individuals who own property with land uses that have been rescinded under the new Land Use Bylaw to discuss the appropriate new land use to suit their property.

The first of these public hearing was held March 11, 2015 in the Council Chambers.  The MD will continue with public hearings on an ongoing basis to ensure that all properties are aligned with the new Land Use Bylaw.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact Coreena Carr at (403) 603-6245 or by email at coreena.carr@mdfoothills.com.