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IDP Vulcan County & Foothills County

Vulcan County and Foothills County are reviewing their Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP).

An IDP is intended to foster on-going cooperation and coordination between municipalities and will generally achieve the following:

  • define an area of mutual interest,
  • describe future land use,
  • address issues such as transportation and the environment,
  • discuss opportunities for cooperation,
  • outline the process for referral of new plans and plan amendments, land use, subdivision and development applications along the boundary between the municipalities, and
  • lay out a conflict resolution process.

Vulcan County and Foothills County presently have an IDP that was adopted by both councils in 2015. However, due to amendments to the Municipal Government Act, the plan requires a review to ensure it continues to comply with provincial legislation.

Proposed Schedule / Timeline:
2020 Q1 Staff from both municipalities develop a Terms of Reference, and Communications and Engagement Approach for the IDP review (complete)
2020 Q2 Both Councils endorse the Terms of Reference, and Communications and Engagement Approach (complete)
2020 Q2 Public project announcement
2020 Q2/3 Staff collaborate on reviewing the current IDP and developing proposed amendments to address required items under the amended MGA
2020 Q2/3 Preparation of draft IDP document
2020 Q2/3 Public engagement on draft IDP
2020 Q3/4 Public hearings and plan adoption


             IDP Plan Location - pdf                                         IDP Plan Area - pdf



If you have comments, questions or concerns please contact Julie McLean: Julie.McLean@FoothillsCountyAB.ca or 403-603-6239.