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Building Services

Building Permit Requirements

Contact Building Permit Department at 403-652-2341 for Building Permit Checklists:

Single Family Dwelling     |     Accessory Building    |     Commercial Building      

Basement Development    |    Move On Dwelling/Manufactured Home

Note: An additional Safety Code Fee of 4% will be calculated on the total permit fees listed above. If Development of Construction proceeds prior to obtaining the proper permits, the fee shall be doubled.

Building Permits may take approximately two weeks for processing. You will be required to have the appropriate inspections done as requested by the Building Officer / Safety Codes Officer. We request that you give at least two days notice for needed inspection.

Building Permit Fees

Fees shall be paid for at time of application.
Building Permit Fee Schedule and Commercial Fee Schedule coming soon.

Note: No construction, including foundation or excavation, shall take place unless a Permit has been issued.

Anyone who starts construction without a Permit may be subject to their building permit fee being 200% of the fee prescribed or $500.00 plus 150% of the fee prescribed, whichever is less pursuant to the County's Permit Fee Bylaw.