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Historic School Sites


List of Identified Schools
Alexandra School High River Agricultural School Red Deer Lake School
Allan School High View School Ridgeview School
Arthur School Highwood School Rockafellow School
Ballyhamage School Hillcrest School Round Mound School
Big Hill School Last Chance School Royalties School
Big Rock School Lineham School Skye Glen School
Black Diamond Rural School Little Bow School South Turner Valley High School
Blackie School Loch Sloy School Springdale School
Braemar School Maple Leaf School Square Butte School
Braeside School Meadowbank School Stormount School
Cameron Coulee School Melrose School Tongue Creek School
Cayley School Mercury School Turner Valley Rural School
Cottage School Millarville School Two Pine School
Davisburg School Mosquito Creek School Uphill School
DeWinton High School New Dunbow School Westoe School
Dinton School New Valley School Wilderman School
Dunbow School North Turner Valley High School Windsor School
Elite School Panima School Windy Hill School
Fish Creek School Peell Coulee School Zephyr School
Fordville School Pine Creek School  
Fosk School Plain Valley School  
Frankland School Plainview School  
Gladys School Pleasant Plains School  
Glen Mede School Priddis School  
Glenview School    

How to be a part of this project?

You can support this project by making a donation towards the plaques to be installed on or near an identified school site, it's easy. Select the school you are associated with from the list of identitified school sites above and send us a donation.

Contact Johanna Kortenschyl-Allan, Community Services Assistant at:
403-603-6244 or email

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