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MD of Foothills No. 31

Marking Our Historic School Sites ... Be a part of it!

The Historic School Marker Project identifies one room schools within the MD of Foothills. The school marker symbol is being used throughout Vulcan County, MD of Willow Creek and the MD of Foothills to identify former school sites.

One room school houses were often the centre of focus for the rural communities. The schools not only provided a place for education for the children but were important socially, being used for picnics, dances, community meetings, town meetings and sometimes as churches.

The MD of Foothills Historical Committee has been identifying historic school sites within the MD as part of a project that is to commemorate the MD's 60th anniversary in 2014.

How to be a part of this project?

You can support this project by making a donation towards the plaques to be installed on or near an identified school site. It's easy, select the school you are associated with (from our list of identitified school sites) and send us a donation with the completed form.

For a list of identified school sites -click here.

Contact: Historic Committee