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2018 Christmas Assistance Program


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Christmas Family Assistance Program

Is your family currently facing significant struggles? Do you need help to provide a happy Christmas for your family? Or do you know of a family in Foothills County that could use a hand up this Christmas?

Families with children under 18 years may apply before December 14, 2018 for the Christmas Assistance Program. Our seniors facing significant struggles may also be eligible.

To register, please fill out this - Christmas Family Assistance Application Form.
Completed forms can be mailed, dropped off or faxed to:
Foothills County
Family and Community Support Services
Attn: Amanda Midgley
P.O. Box 5605, High River, AB T1V 1M7
Direct: 403-603-6229
Fax: 403-652-7880


2018 Christmas Family Sponsorship Program

Every year at Christmas, Foothills County staff, Council and volunteers hold a silent auction at the Foothills County Christmas Party to raise money for those local families that could use a hand up at Christmas. Over the past few years the need has become greater and the staff has responded by increasing the reaches of the program. This year is no exception and our efforts to provide a similar program will continue.

Many businesses support this goodwill program through donations to the Annual Silent Auction. Donated items (or gift cards) will once again be accepted until November 30.

If you would like more information on how to help, please call Amanda Midgley at 403-603-6229 or email Amanda.


Thank You to Our Sponsors

For supporting the 2018 Christmas Family Program. With your help, we were able to help 13 local families.