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Problem Wildlife

The following are a list of resource links for information on Cougars and Bears. The MD of Foothills provides these links for information purposes only and recommends that you consult with Alberta Fish and Wildlife (403-652-8330) as these animals including Wolves fall under their management.

This information collection has been coordinated for you by: Jay Honeyman, Human Wildlife Conflict Biologist, Alberta Environment & Parks & Suzanne Oel, HCRCWA Pres.

Cougars and Conflict Information:

Cougar, wild-cat AEP (link)
Cougars & Outdoor Recreation  AEP (link)
Preventing Conflict with Cougars  document (PDF – 4.5 MB file)
Living Smart with Cougars  Wildsmart  - handling encounters (link)
Cougar Hunting in Alberta  My Wild Alberta (link)
Cougar Hunting in Alberta  document (PDF – 2.5 MB file)

Provincial Management of Cougars:

Wildlife Management Plan – Cougars  document (PDF – 4.2 MB file)

Information about Bears:

Alberta Bear Smart  (link )
How To Properly Use Bear Spray  (link )
Hunting and Bear Safety.pdf  (document, PDF-5.2 MB)
Using Bear Spray – a protection option  (link)

Provincial Management of Grizzly Bears:

Alberta Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan Draft-Jun01-2016.pdf  (document, PDF-4.5MB)