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Pest and Predator Control 


Richardson Ground Squirrel Control

2% Liquid Strychnine: Health Canada has canceled the registration of strychnine use for Richardson Ground Squirrel control.


Skunk Control

Foothills County rents live skunk traps at the main office in High River, contact 403-652-2341 to check availability.


Coyote Control

For assistance with coyote predation please contact the Agricultural Fieldman at 403-603-5423.


Wolf, Cougar and Bear predation

Contact Alberta Fish and Wildlife for issues relating to predator conflict.



Alberta is one of the last rat free jurisdictions in the world. Call 310-FARM(3276) to report any suspected rat sightings.



Foothills County staff assists Alberta Agriculture in the yearly grasshopper survey. To see the results of the survey and forecast for the subsequent year visit Grasshoppers – Survey and maps | Alberta.ca.



Foothills County remains clubroot free at this time. Canola producers are still encouraged to follow best management practices to reduce the introduction of clubroot to our area. Every year after harvest county staff will randomly survey canola fields for evidence of clubroot. For more information on clubroot please visit Alberta clubroot management plan | Alberta.ca.