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SAVE MONEY on your annual property taxes!

Discounts for Monthly

Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)
Pay your taxes in monthly installments and receive a discount:

5% discount if first payment is received on/or before January 31.

Discounts for Early Payment of Taxes

Prepay your property taxes and receive a discount.

6% discount if estimated taxes are paid on/or before January 31.


TIPP is a plan by which taxpayers make consecutive monthly payments for property taxes.

TIPP Application


The program runs from January to December and pays the property taxes for the calendar year. The payment amount is adjusted twice each year to avoid the need for refunds or additional payments.

The enrollment deadline is March 15th. If you are purchasing a property that is currently on TIPP, you may continue the program by contacting the Tax Department.

Starting each January, the monthly payment is calculated by dividing your most recent annual tax levy by 12 months. When the current levy is known, the discounts and pre-payments are subtracted and the new balance divided by the remaining months in the year. The new payment amount, and the month it will become effective, is shown on your combined assessment and tax notice.

TIPP accounts in good standing are exempt from the October 1st penalty.

TIPP automatically resumes January 1st for the following year's taxes.

If you withdraw or your plan is cancelled, all unpaid taxes are due and payable, subject to penalties in accordance with the Penalty bylaw.


Automatic Withdrawal

You may authorize Foothills County to make automatic withdrawals from your bank account on either the 1st or the 15th of each month. Please submit a VOID cheque or pre-authorized withdrawal form.

Two weeks written notification is required:

  • to stop an automatic withdrawal,
  • to cancel participation in the program,
  • to change banking information. You may provide a new VOID cheque by mail, fax, or scanned image via email.

OR, sign into Virtual County Hall cancellations and changes will be effective immediately.


If any payments are missed, Foothills County has the option to cancel the agreement.


The Tax Department will issue a receipt for the total of the TIPP payments upon request.