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Complaints / Requests for Service 403-603-6300
Monday - Friday, regular business hours:

On-Call Complaints / Requests for Service 1-877-603-6331
Evenings / Weekends / Holidays:
For non-urgent matters, please leave a message for the on call officer.
For urgent matters, please contact local RCMP Detachment for immediate service.

Commercial Vehicle Overweight 1-888-830-7623
Overdimensional Permits contact Road Data directly at www.roadata.com

The County entered into an agreement with TRAVIS MJ in March of 2016, All overdimentional and overweight permits will be issued through this system and the County's provider is still Roadata. Travis MJ - pdf


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Traffic Enforcement Unit:

Foothills County has provided specialized traffic enforcement services since January 1996. Foothills Patrol Officers are appointed as Level 1 Community Peace Officers by the Alberta Solicitor General's Department. Each Officer is required to meet and maintain a high standard of qualifications and certification, which ensures the effective and professional delivery of traffic enforcement services to the residents of the municipality.

Traffic Enforcement Mandate and Responsibilities:

The primary focus for our Peace Officers is to ensure public safety on all municipal roads and triple digit primary highways within the boundaries of the municipality. Foothills Patrol currently maintains a fleet of three patrol vehicles that are utilized by the Peace Officers in providing proactive, professional and responsible traffic enforcement services. Traffic enforcement priorities within the municipality are reflective of complaints received from our department, combined with initiatives identified within the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan Calendar, which targets selected traffic enforcement programs throughout the year including: Intersection safety, distracted driving, occupant restraints, speed, young drivers, commercial vehicle safety, motorcycle safety, back to school and pedestrian safety. Commercial vehicle enforcement activities and initiatives result in increased safety for all users of the roads, in addition to protecting local infrastructure within the municipality.


Foothills Patrol Peace Officers may respond to complaints or requests for service in the following locations:

  • All local roads within the County
  • All three digit primary highways within the County
  • Hamlets: Aldersyde, Blackie, Cayley, DeWinton, Millarville, Priddis
  • Village of Longview

Traffic Enforcement Services:

Foothills Patrol Officers are authorized to conduct enforcement of provincial statutes as authorized by the Alberta Solicitor General's Department. Traffic enforcement is provided pursuant to the provisions contained within the Traffic Safety Act and associated Regulations, with a particular focus on offences including, but not limited to:

  • Speeding
  • Stop Signs
  • Occupant Restraints
  • Careless / Erratic driving
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Passing School Buses with red lights flashing
  • Parking
  • Equipment violations

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement:

Foothills Patrol Officers provide enforcement services relating to the movement of commercial vehicles within the municipality specifically relating to:

Weights and Dimensions

  • Each patrol vehicle is equipped with portable scales
  • Road ban enforcement is a priority for the officers, particularly during spring road ban season

Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspections (CVSA)

  • All Foothills Patrol Officers are certified CVSA Inspectors and complete numerous safety inspections on a wide variety of commercial vehicles each year in an effort to increase public safety for all users of the roads. Additionally, all officers are designated as On Highway Inspectors to assist with enforcing Dangerous Goods Transportation and Handling legislation

Other Provincial Statute Enforcement:

Our Officers also respond to and can investigate complaints involving the following:

  • Gaming and Liquor Act (ie: Open liquor, public intoxication)
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (ie: Littering, dumping of garbage complaints)
  • Trespass to Premises Act
  • Off Highway Vehicles

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