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Land Use Bylaw Enforcement

Foothills County have bylaw Enforcement Officers who are responsible for enforcing the Land Use Bylaw and are available to follow up on any concerns, inquires and/or complaints pertaining to regulations laid out in this bylaw.

When a complaint is received, a Bylaw Enforcement Officer will verify that a bylaw has been contravened, which may involve an inspection of the property in question. Once the infraction is confirmed, Notices and Orders may be sent to the owner with information on how to correct the situation and generally giving a time period in which to comply. If the landowner fails to bring the property into compliance in the allotted time period, then the matter will be taken before Council to determine if they wish to take the matter before the Courts.

The complainant's information is kept strictly confidential unless the file is taken to the Court of Queen's Bench. Files are very seldom referred to the Courts, as the Bylaw Enforcement Officers are encouraged to work with the landowners to find a satisfactory solution to the issue that will not cause them undue hardship. When a landowner cooperates voluntarily, matters are settled swiftly and the lands are brought back into compliance with the Land Use Bylaw.