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The Development of Land

Development Authority

According to the Foothills County Land Use Bylaw:
Development authority means the development authority provided for by Council from time to time pursuant to Section 624 of the Act to exercise development powers and duties on behalf of the County.

Section 624 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA or the Act) is as follows:
Section 624:

  1. Subject to section 641, a council must by bylaw provide for a development authority to exercise development powers and perform duties on behalf of the County.
  2. A development authority may include one or more of the following:
    1. a designated officer;
    2. a municipal planning commission;
    3. any other person or organization.

In Foothills County, there are development officers who have been given the mandate to act as the development authority in most cases; although certain types of development will require approval by Council.