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Utilities and Rights of Way

One possible condition of subdivision may be the allocation of an area of land for a "Utility Right of Way".


Section 69 of the Land Titles Act provides for Utility Rights of Way. A Utility Right of way is described as an area of land for which the registered owner has granted to the Crown, a Municipality or private corporation a right on, over or under the land for:

  • carrying, laying, constructing, maintaining or using conduits, cables, wires, poles or transmission lines,
  • laying, constructing, maintaining and operating pipelines for the transmission, transportation or conduct of any substance,
  • conveying water,
  • drainage, irrigation, flooding or erosion,
  • disposing of sewage,
  • constructing or maintaining a public work,
  • constructing, maintaining and operating a railway, street railway or light rail transit, or
  • constructing, maintaining and operating a temporary roadway,