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Historical Resources

Historical Resource Assessment Requirements

"Historic and archeological resources" are identified in the MDP 2010 as one of the five qualities that begin to define the rural character of the MD of Foothills. As such one of the stated objectives in the MDP is to "recognize the importance of the visual quality and cultural landscape in the MD, including lands of archeological and historical significance".

This notion is further developed into a policy statement in policy 2 of the Environmental Conservation and Open Space section of the MDP:


The MD should require that protective measures be taken in instances where a proposed development or land use redesignation would be located in or near the following areas:

  • Fish spawning grounds
  • Nesting, feeding and staging areas for birds
  • Historical and archaeological resource sites
  • Wintering areas for ungulates
  • Wildlife corridors
  • Wetlands


Proponents of development or redesignation of land which the MD believes may encompass historical resources, may be required to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the MD that the proposals would not jeopardize or significantly damage the characteristics of the resource. To this end, the MD may require a historical resource assessment by an appropriate qualified Professional at the proponent's expense.