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The Planning Department

The work that is done by the Planning Department at Foothills County can be broadly divided into two categories: Current Planning and Long Range Planning.

Current Planning:

Some of the current planning activities that our department undertakes include:

  • Managing subdivision applications or applications for boundary adjustments
  • Managing applications for land use changes
  • Managing applications for the adoption of area structure plans, area concept plans and outline plans
  • Issuing development permits
  • Issuing letters of compliance or zoning
  • Leasing of municipal lands
  • Administering applications for road closures
  • Issuing business licenses

Long Range Planning:

Some of the long range planning activities that our department undertakes include:

  • Developing long range plans such as the Municipal Development Plan or Growth Management Strategy that affect the County as a whole
  • Developing plans such as ASPs, Bylaws and Policies that support growth in defined areas of the County
  • Working with adjacent municipalities to create Intermunicipal Plans
  • Undertaking administrative duties with respect to the many Intermunicipal Committees that the County is a part of
  • Administering the process for negotiating annexations with other municipalities
  • Participating in regional planning activities
  • Periodically reviewing and amending the County's Land Use Bylaw
  • Liaising with other levels of government (e.g. the Province of Alberta)

For General Planning and Development Inquiries email Planning@FoothillsCountyAB.ca.


Please Note: While every attempt will be made to keep the information on this site current and accurate, this document has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of planning regulations in the County. Users are advised to contact the Planning and Development department for more information on requirements specific to their situation. Foothills County accepts no responsibility for persons relying solely on this information.