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Aldersyde Community Hall
Aldersyde Community Association
Location: Plan 24465, Block 2, Lots 29-31, 102 Dennis Street, Aldersyde, AB
Contact: Pam McKinnon, 403-601-6092
Mailing Address: Box 91, Aldersyde, AB T0L 0A0

Blackie Community Centre
Location: SW 13-19-27-W4M Plan 6980AG Blk 3 Lots 6-8, 1205 Railway Avenue
Contact: Glenn Robertson, 403-684-3577
Mailing Address: Box 122, Blackie, AB T0L 0J0

Cayley Fire Hall
Cayley Community Club (Association)
Location: NW 19-17-28-W4M, 111 Hammond Street
Contact: Terry Harquail, 403-395-3756
Mailing Address: Box 201, Cayley, AB T0L 0P0

Cayley I.O.O.F. Hall
Location: NW 19-17-28-W4M Block 1, Lot 14 & 15, 122 Hammond Street
Contact: Buster Davis, 403-336-8760
Mailing Address: Box 85, Cayley, AB T0L 0P0

Davisburg Hall
Davisburg Community Association
Location: NE 30-21-28-W4M Plan 841 0897 Block 1 Lot 1
Contact: Les Johnson, President, 403-999-7952, email
Mailing Address: 258117 - 96 Street East, Foothills, Alberta T1S 3Y7

DeWinton Community Hall
Location: SW 36-21-1-W5M Plan 5184 EJ
Contact: Greg Davenport, 403-938-2525 or 403-804-0385

Dinton Park
Location: SE 29-20-26-W4M corner of highway 549 & 304 St E
Contact: Rick Laycraft, 403-684-3466
Mailing Address: RR #1, Blackie, AB T0L 0J0

East Longview Hall
Location: SW 30-18-1-W5M
Box 5601, High River, AB  T1V 1M3
Contact: Marg Wambeke, 403-652-6490

Gladys Ridge
Ridgeview Community Society
Location: SW 29-20-27-W4M

Meadowbank Hall
Location: SW 1-18-1-W5M
P.O. Box 6142, High River AB  T1V 1P7
Contact: Kristine Longson
Phone 403-899-8062
Alternate Contact:  Lorna Stephenson
Phone:  403-395-2128

Millarville Race Track
Millarville Racing Society
Location: NE 12-21-3-W5M Plan 5354 HR Blk A, LSD 9
Contact: Krystal, 403-931-3411, email: Events Manager
Mailing Address: Box 68, Millarville, AB T0L 1K0

Priddis Community Hall
Priddis Community Association
Location: Plan 9210556 B:4
Contact-Hall Booking: Mike Wollersheim
Email: pcahallrentals@gmail.com
Caretaker: Steve & Karla Ramsay, (587) 575-8957
Mailing Address: 2001781 – 31 Priddis Valley Road W, Priddis, AB T0L 1W1

Ranchers' Hall, Millarville
Millarville Sports Association
Location: NE 3-21-3-W5M Plan 0210313 Block 4 Lot 1
Contact: Rose Bruneski, 403-472-7786
Mailing Address: Box 5, Millarville, AB T0L 1K0

Red Deer Lake
Red Deer Lake Community Association
Location: SW 24-22-2-W5M
Contact: Gillian Colborne, 403-256-4113, email: Red Deer Lake Community Association
Mailing Address: 178136 112 St West, Foothills, AB   T1S 0V8

Square Butte

Location: 290132 Hwy 762
Contact: Susan Graham, 403-931-3366
Mailing Address: Box 9, Site 7, RR #1, Millarville, AB T0L 1K0

If you are a Community Hall Contact and require changes to your listing please email: Amanda Midgley, FCSS Coordinator, Tel: 403-603-6229 or Johanna Kortenschyl-Allan , Public Lands Community and Recreation Coordinator, Tel: 403-603-6244