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Cemeteries within the MD of Foothills


The Foothills Cemetery Cleanup takes place
annually spring and fall.

To help with this clean up, we ask all
visitors to burial plots in the Foothills Cemetery
- to ensure that no items (memorial items,
vases, jars, flowers, etc.) are left on the burial

Only memorial items within the in-ground vases
are allowed on burial plots.
Regular maintenance includes litter control,
spring top dressing of graves and removal of all
non-approved memorial items throughout the

The cleanup ensures the cemetery is well
maintained and safeguards the safety of visitors,
employees and contractors.

For more information regarding the cleanup,
please contact the Cemetery Specialist at
cemetery@mdfoothills.com or 403-852-0500.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation!
It is greatly appreciated.

Blackie Cemetery
Location: SE 14-19-27 W4M, 490001 Hwy 799

Cayley Cemetery
Location: NE 24-17-29 W4M, 88207 658 Ave E

Foothills Cemetery
Location: SE 18-20-2 W5M, 176044 402 Ave W

Gladys Union Cemetery
Location: NE 22-20-27 W4, 370004 240 St. E

Pine Creek Cemetery
Location:  NE 11-22-1 W5M, 220, Legacy Village Link SE

Contact:  Candace Rogers, Cemetery Specialist

Office Hours: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm Monday to Friday

Office: 403-603-6205 direct line

At-Need: 403-852-0500

Fax: 403-652-7880

Email: cemetery@mdfoothills.com