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Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship 

Riparian Health

Maintaining and enhancing riparian health of streams, dugouts and wetlands on the farm has many financial and ecological benefits. Maintaining a clean source of drinking water for livestock improves rates of gain and lowers the risk of illness. The risk of injury and infection is also reduced if the animals do not need to walk through mud or down steep banks to access water.

Healthy riparian areas also increase nutrient run-off buffering capacity and provide refuge for beneficial insects.

For more information about riparian area management and to access Riparian Health Assessment and Inventory forms please visit Cows and Fish website Home - Cows and Fish.


Off-source Watering Units

The Agricultural Services Department offers 2 solar powered off-source watering units for rent. Rentals are capped at 1 month as the purpose is to trial the system on your farm. Waterers are only capable of pumping from surface water and will not be suitable for shallow wells. (Note: producers will need to provide their own trough).


Shelterbelt Resources

Please be advised the Federal Shelterbelt program through the PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration) has been discontinued.  Individuals will no longer be able to order trees through this program or Foothills County.

The county does have a ride on tree planter for rent to assist with planting shelterbelts. Please see the Rental Equipment Brochure for more information.

Please find below a list of private Tree Nurseries who offer shelterbelt trees directly to Alberta residents:

Boreal Horticultural Services
PO Box 502
Bonneyville, AB  T9N 2G3
Tel:  1-780-826-1709

Sherwood’s Forests
50042 Range Road 31
Warburg, AB T0C 2T0
Tel: 780-848-2548

HELP International Shelterbelt Centre
PO Box 181, Queen St. City Farm
Weyburn, SK S4H 2J9
Tel:  306-861-0814

Tree Time Services
9366 49 Street NW #204
Edmonton, AB T6B 2L7
Tel:  1-866-873-3846

PRT Alberta Inc
Beaverlodge, AB
Tel:  780-3542288

Woodmere Nursery Ltd.
PO Box 498
Fairview, AB T0H 1L0
Tel:  780-835-5292

5 Star Trees Ltd.
Box 26, Site 3, RR 3, High River, AB  T1V 1N3
Phone number:  403-256-2089
Website:  www.5startrees.com
Email:  info@5startrees.com
















Shelterbelts for livestock farms in Alberta : planning, planting and maintenance - Open Government

Shelterbelts for livestock farms in Alberta : overview - Open Government

Shelterbelts for livestock farms in Alberta : shelterbelt planning workbook - Open Government


Environmental Farm Plan

The Environmental Farm Plan is a free tool producers can use to identify environmental risks on the farm. The process involves a self-assessment to identify the risks and develop plans and strategies to mitigate these risks. Once you have completed the EFP workbook a technician from AEFP will audit the plan, provide feedback and award a Certificate of Completion if they find your EFP satisfactory.

EFP’s are becoming increasingly important as some funding and marketing opportunities are only available to producers that have completed the EFP assessment.  

Visit Alberta EFP | Alberta Environmental Farm Plan | Sustain, Manage, Maintain.


Agricultural Plastics Recycling

For more information about Ag plastics recycling visit Cleanfarms and the Agricultural Plastics Recycling Group Home | Mysite (aprg.ca).

Agricultural Services rents a bag roller for the recycling of grain and silage bags. Please ensure that bags are free of debris, mud, and ice and snow before rolling as the recyclers may reject them if they are too dirty. Bales must be tightly wrapped and bound with twine. See the rental equipment brochure for more information.


Twine Recycling

Bags are available at the Foothills Regional Landfill. Please ensure twine is free of debris and not tied in knots. Net-wrap is not accepted at this time.

Pesticide Container Recycling

Pesticide containers are accepted free of charge at the landfill. Please ensure all containers are triple rinsed.