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Effective May 3, 2022, Foothills County will be discontinuing the use of the Safe Communities Alert Network (SCAN) and will be solely utilizing Alberta Emergency Alert (AEA) to provide notifications and warnings to our residents, businesses and visitors. By downloading the Alberta Emergency Alert App, you ensure that you and your family will receive the right information at the right time, wherever you may be.


Foothills County together with neighbouring municipalities are a part of the Safe Communities Alert Network (SCAN).

 “A benefit of this system is that you will be able to sign up for more than one municipality at the same time” said Clayton Terletski, Director of Emergency Management. “Another benefit is that the combined emergency alert system – SCAN, will also provide improved regional coordination response to emergencies from emergency responders.”

Southern Alberta experiences all types of emergencies from blizzards to wildfires.
If we can’t reach you, we can’t alert you. Be prepared for the next emergency, sign up now for Safe Communities Alert Network to receive critical information alerts that may affect you and your family.


What is SCAN?

The Safe Communities Alert Network (SCAN) is a regional alerting system that is designed to send Critical Alerts to registered users in the event of a serious incident emergency that is imminent or occurring.  Foothills County, as a regional partner in the system, also has the ability to issue less urgent Information Alerts that can assist with increasing the preparedness of registered users for situations that could escalate or become disruptive.

SCAN Regional Partnerships:

Safe Communities Alert Network is comprised of:  Foothills County, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Okotoks, High River, Village of Longview, Vulcan County, Town of Vulcan.
You can choose to only receive alerts from Foothills County or you can choose to receive alerts from any or all of our regional partners – the choice is yours!

How Do You Receive an Alert?
Alerting messages will be sent to you through contact paths that you set up when registering for SCAN.  Contact paths that you may choose to set up include:

  • Home phones / Business phones
  • Cell phones
  • Text messages (standard messaging rates may apply)
  • Email
  • Everbridge Mobile App

Choose Your Alerts:
You choose the municipalities you wish to receive notifications from.  You might decide to only receive alerts from Foothills County – or you might also want to receive additional notifications from SCAN partner municipalities.

Types of SCAN Alerts:

    Critical alerta are issued when an immediate or imminent threat to the safety of County residents and/or vistors have been identified. This alert will be sent out to all registered users when there is an imminent or immediate threat to the safety of the public.
    Information Alerts are issued for situations that are non-emergent; however, they may have the capacity to escalate quickly or become disruptive in some manner. This alert will be sent out to registered users, who choose to receive this level of alert.  Examples of information alerts include, but are not limited to:
            - Spring runoff advisories
            - High streamflow advisories
            - Fire bans


How it Works:

  1. When an alert is sent out, you will receive a message on the phone, text (standard message rates may apply), email or mobile app communication methods you have registered with.
  2. Once you receive an alert, you will be prompted to confirm back to the system that the alert has been received
  3. If you do not confirm receipt of the alert, the system will continue to attempt to reach you through all of the contact paths that you have registered
  4. The alert will provide basic information about the situation or emergency and prompt you to visit the Foothills County website, listen to Alberta Emergency Alert and monitor your local media for further details
  5. Note: This alerting system is powered by Everbridge.  When you receive an alert, please do not call the phone number displayed – this system is automated and unable to answer return calls or have voice mail messages left

Notification Sources:
When you add the following information under SCAN to your contact lists – you know they are alert notifications:

ecc@foothillscountyab.ca                      (Foothills County Alerts)
Safe Communities Alert Network          (Regional Alerts sent by FRESC)

Phone Calls
403-603-3557         (Foothills County Alerts)
403-917-0364         (Regional Alerts sent by FRESC)

Sign Up For Alerts
Click the link on the Foothills County website located on the SCAN page to register.  This will take you to the regional SCAN webpage.  Click on Sign Up to get started.  You will be asked to enter personal information including:

- Create a username;
- Your first and last name;
- A password;
- An answer to a security question; and
- Your email address

Please review and accept the terms of use before continuing to create your account.  Complete all of the registration pages to receive accurate notifications:

My Profile
This is where you choose the contact paths that will be used to alert you.  Choose the order of the contact paths by clicking on the arrows.

My Locations
Add home location, work location or others.  The system will use the location information to help inform you of events taking place in your area.

My Subscriptions
Choose what you want to be informed about – you can choose as many municipalities as you like from the list provided. Some municipalities allow you to choose different types of Information Alerts as shown in the drop down boxes. If you only wish to receive Critical Alerts, click the “Skip This” box at the bottom of the page. 

My Information
Choose which municipalities you wish to receive Critical Alerts from. You may enter other information about any special needs you might have and whether you have animals on property by checking the appropriate box(s). 

Please review all information entered – you can edit this information at any time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How will I receive the Alerts?
    SCAN will send emergency messages to voluntary subscribers through the following contact paths:
    - Home phones / business phones
    - Cell phones
    - Text messages (standard messaging rates may apply)
    - Email
    - Everbridge Mobile app

    You can sign up with multiple contact paths and determine the order in which the alerts will be sent to all contact paths you register.  Please sign up as many contact paths as possible to reduce the chance of missing an alert due to technical difficulties such as phone lines going down.  Different voice mail settings on your phones can also disrupt some message delivery.  Should voicemail not be available for some reason, the alert can still be received via email or text messaging, for example.

  2. What do I do when I receive an Alert?
    When you receive an alert, you will receive a prompt or a message that asks you to confirm receipt of the alert.  Follow the instructions to confirm your alert as soon as possible. Once the alert confirmation reaches the automated system, SCAN will stop sending additional alerts to your other chosen contact paths. If you do not confirm receipt of the alert, the system will automatically continue sending alerts to your chosen contact paths in an effort to ensure the alert reaches you. Once you have confirmed receipt of the alert you will want to find more detailed information about what is happening.  To access additional information, details of the event and to obtain possible instructions on what to do, please go to / monitor:
    Foothills County website at:       
    Alberta Emergency Alert at:   
    Foothills County Social Media

    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    Monitor your local media for news releases / information
    Mobile Member App (Everbridge) – if registered

  3. Why is the voicemail message from SCAN incomplete or cut off?
    The automated message delivery system may be sensing a slight pause in your pre-recorded custom voicemail greeting.  You can fix this issue by changing your voicemail greeting to a standard greeting offered by your carrier, or by re-recording your personal greeting and ensuring that there are no pauses in your message.

  4. What if any of my contact information changes?
    The system is only as good as the information you provide. If your contact information changes, you need to login to your profile and update your account information as soon as possible.

  5. Why can’t I register as a family?
    It is recommended that you sign up for alerts as an individual, rather than a family unit.  This ensures the notification system reaches all parties through their own personal contact devices.

  6. Will I get SCAN Alerts if I don’t sign up?
    No.  You will only receive SCAN Alerts if you sign up for this service.

  7. Where else can I find information about emergencies if I don’t sign up?
    In the event of an emergency or disaster in Foothills County, residents can access information and emergency alerts through:

    Alberta Emergency Alert
    It is highly recommended that all residents sign up for the to receive alerts from Alberta Emergency Alert. This provincial system can provide alerts to you whether in the Foothills County area or throughout the province

    Alert Ready – Emergency Alert System (Canada)

    Provides alerting to Canadians through television, radio and LTE-connected and compatible wireless devices

    Foothills County
    Website:  www.foothillscountyab.ca

    Local media outlets

  8. What is the difference between SCAN and Alberta Emergency Alert?

    SCAN provides information specific to Foothills County or another municipality in the area (if signed up for them).  Critical and Information alerts sent out will direct subscribers to visit the county website and other resources to obtain detailed information and instructions.

    Alberta Emergency Alert is a provincially run emergency alert system that provides information on emergencies throughout Alberta, including Foothills County.  You are strongly encouraged to subscribe to BOTH systems.

  9. What does “Shelter-in-Place” mean?

    If a “Shelter-in-Place” order is made you are to remain indoors, or if you are outside, to go indoors immediately.  Once indoors you will need to:
    - Have everyone stay in one room.  Choose an interior room if possible and stay away from windows and doors
    - Close and lock all windows and doors
    - Turn off furnace, air conditioners and exhaust fans so that outside air is not brought indoors
    - Extinguish indoor wood-burning fireplaces
    - If you smell natural gas, seal the room with wet towels at the base of the door and breathe through a damp towel to filter the air
    - Follow SCAN, Alberta Emergency Alerts and local media for further information and instructions

  10. What does “Evacuate” mean?
    Evacuate means to leave the area immediately.  If you are asked to evacuate, you will have little time to gather belongings, so ensure you and your family have prepared a 72 Hour Emergency Kit in advance.  For further information on 72 Hour Kits and personal emergency preparedness, please visit:

    Get Prepared – Government of Canada

    Emergency and Disaster Preparedness – Government of Alberta

    Foothills County Website – Emergency Management

  11. How do I unsubscribe from SCAN?
    If you wish to unsubscribe from the system:
    - Log into your account
    - Click on the “Home” tab
    - Under the “My Profile” information there is a box that says “Delete My Account”
    - Click on this box to unsubscribe

  12. Will my contact information be shared with others?
    No.  The information you provide will only be used by Foothills County or Foothills Regional Emergency Services Commission / SCAN dispatch for notification purposes.  We will not give or sell your contact or location information to any vendor or other organization.  All of your data will be hosted in Canada.

  13. Who can I contact if I have questions or other problems regarding SCAN Alerts?
    If you require further assistance, or have questions regarding SCAN, contact the Help Desk at 403-603-6308. 


Southern Alberta experiences all types of emergencies  -  from blizzards, to floods, to wildfires and tornados.  Be prepared for the next emergency.

Register for the Safe Communities Alert Network to ensure that you receive the critical information and alerts that may affect your and your family.