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Council members serve four-year terms and they can be re-elected for unlimited consecutive terms. The next County Election will be held in October 2021. A Councillor must reside within the Division from which they are elected and they must be qualified voters of the Municipality.

The Reeve and Deputy Reeve are elected annually by Council at the Organizational Meeting held each October.

Council Representatives on the slate of Boards and Committees are also appointed at the Organizational Meeting as the positions become vacant. Appointments to the Boards and Committees vary from one to three years.

Council Code of Conduct

Under the Alberta Governments Bill 20 (2015) “Municipal Government Amended Act” (One of three new Bills that the Alberta Government has approved in the last three years in order to amend various portions of the MGA) Alberta municipalities will be required to establish, by bylaw, a code of conduct for elected officials. This amendment has been approved but will not come into effect until the adoption of the related regulation – anticipated in the Fall of 2017. However, Foothills County Council decided to adopt a Code of Conduct ahead of the requirement so that it would be in place prior to the elections in the fall. The Code of Conduct that was approved was developed based on a “sample” regulation that was provided by the Province, but it is anticipated that the final regulation will be very similar. If the regulation, once adopted, requires that the current Code be amended the new Council may pass a bylaw amending the Code.

Council Code of Conduct, Bylaw 30/2017 is found here in our Resource Library