Welcome to Foothills County


County Addresses and Contact Information

Administrative Office
Foothills County
309 Macleod Trail
Box 5605
High River, Alberta T1V 1M7
Tel: 403-652-2341 or 403-931-1905
Fax: 403-652-7880 or 403-652-6900

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

After Hours Emergency Number: 1-888-808-3722

Staff Contact List 


Administrative Office Location Map - Click on map for larger map
Administrative Office Location

Public Works Shop
Agricultural Services Board Shop

81 St. E
Aldersyde, Alberta
Tel: 403-652-2390
Fax: 403-652-1497

Aldersyde Shop Map

Regional Landfill
Located on Highway 783 (16 Street E.), 5.5 Km south of Highway 7, 5 km north of Highway 543.
Tel: 403-938-5224

For more information on the regional landfill - Click Here



Staff Contacts


Delilah Miller
E: delilah.miller@foothillscountyab.ca

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Ryan Payne
E: ryan.payne@foothillscountyab.ca

Municipal Manager/Deputy CAO

Harry Riva Cambrin
E: HRC@MDFoothills.com



Manager of Agriculture, Parks and Recreation
Jeff Porter
E: jeff.porter@foothillscountyab.ca


Cemetery Specialist
E: cemetery.specialist@foothillscountyab.ca


Communications Department
E: communications@foothillscountyab.ca

Corporate Services - Taxes, Utilities, Landfill, Assessment 

Director of Corporate Services
Christine Hummel
E: christine.hummel@foothillscountyab.ca

Financial Manager
Colleen Nielsen
E: colleen.nielsen@foothillscountyab.ca

Assessment Department
Diane Fraser
E: diane.fraser@foothillscountyab.ca

Tax Roll Supervisor
Leslie Fitzgerald
E: leslie.fitzgerald@foothillscountyab.ca

Property Tax & Utilities Payments
Sheryl Pinto
E: sheryl.pinto@foothillscountyab.ca

Foothills Regional Landfill
Joe Angevine
E: joe.angevine@foothillscountyab.ca


Legislative Services Manager
Sherri Barrett 
E: sherri.barrett@foothillscountyab.ca

Council Contact Page


Emergency Services

Fire Chief
Rick Saulnier
E: rick.saulnier@foothillscountyab.ca

Emergency Services Manager/Information Media Officer
Darlene Roblin
E: darlene.roblin@foothillscountyab.ca

Director of Emergency Management
Clayton Terletski
E: clayton.terletski@foothillscountyab.ca



Family & Community Support Services Coordinator
Amanda Midgley
E: amanda.midgley@foothillscountyab.ca

Human Resources

Human Resources Manager

Amanda Horbachewski
E: amanda.horbachewski@foothillscountyab.ca

Planning/GIS/Safety Codes

For General Planning and Development Inquiries email Planning@FoothillsCountyAB.ca.

Director of Planning
Heather Hemingway
E: heather.hemingway@foothillscountyab.ca

Safety Codes Coordinator
Kurtis Dyck
E: kurtis.dyck@foothillscountyab.ca

Supervisor of GIS
Robert Miller
E: robert.miller@foothillscountyab.ca 


Public Works/Infrastructure/Roads/Lands

Deputy Director of Operations, Public Works
Mike Gallant
E: mike.gallant@foothillscountyab.ca

Municipal Lands Administrator
Donna Fowler
E: donna.fowler@foothillscountyab.ca

Manager of Infrastructure, Public Works
Jeff Edgington
E: jeff.edgington@foothillscountyab.ca



Public Lands, Community and Recreation Coordinator
Johanna Kortenschyl-Allan
E: johanna.kortenschyl-allan@foothillscountyab.ca

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