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Invitation to Tender

2021 Local Road Paving Program

Invitation to proponents to submit tenders for the 2021 Foothills County Local Road Paving Program

Addendum No. 2 - posted June 16, 2021 - click here

Addendum No. 1 - posted June 15, 2021 - click here 

Posted online June 11, 2021
Locations and Quantities - click here
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Closing Date-  Thursday June 17  24, 2021  at 3pm Local Time

For technical or engineering information contact Mr. Jeremy Swan, Project Manager at 587-572-0475 or email at jeremy.swan@woodplc.com



Request for Proposal (RFP) - Refrigeration Plant Heat Recovery Project at Scott Seaman Sports Rink

May 26, 2021 

Invitation to proponents: The Foothills County (the “County”), the owner and operator of Scott Seaman Sports Rink (SSSR), requests submissions from experienced contractors interested in the design and installation of an identified ECM (Energy Conservation Measure) that will lead to the reduction in energy consumption, utility dollars and GHG emissions at SSSR.  

For further inquiries on this proposal, please contact Municipal Energy Manager, Adeniyi Adeaga
Email: adeniyi.adeaga@foothillscountyab.ca
RFP No. 2021-CS-003

To view Addendum 1 issued on June 1, 2021, please click here 
To view Addenum 2 issued on June 10, 2021, please click here
To view the full RFP document posted on May 26, 2021, please click here

Utility Remote Additions - MPE Engineering

To view the Foothills County Utility Remote Additions from MPE Engineering, please click here 

226th Avenue, 64th Street, and Dunbow Road in Foothills County - Ad Tender

To view the invitation to tender ad - 226th Avenue, 64th Street, and Dunbow Road in Foothills County, please click here

To view the addendum for 226th Avenue, 64th Street & Dunbow Road in Foothills County, please click here