Welcome to Foothills County

Towns, Villages and Hamlets in the MD

Municipalities within Foothills County

Black Diamond: www.town.blackdiamond.ab.ca
High River: www.highriver.ca
Longview: www.village.longview.ab.ca
Okotoks: www.okotoks.ca
Turner Valley: www.turnervalley.ca

Hamlets in Foothills County:

Aldersyde: Map

Blackie:  Map |   www.blackie.ca

Cayley:  Map

DeWinton:  Map

Hartell:  Map

Heritage Pointe:  Map

Millarville:  Map

Naptha:  Map

Priddis:  Map  |  www.priddis.org

Priddis Greens:  Map