Welcome to Municipal District of Foothills No. 31


Planning Projects Currently in the Works

Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is a regulatory document that governs what may occur on a piece of property depending on that property's zoning.

The M.D. of Foothills adopted a new Land Use Bylaw 60/2014 in December of 2014. There are several new land use districts that were created and a few that were discontinued.

The implementation process is now underway and there will be upcoming amendments to the Land Use Bylaw to re-zone lands that were zoned one of the land uses that no longer exists.


M.D. of Foothills and City of Calgary IDP

The City of Calgary and the Municipal District of Foothills are reviewing their joint Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP). Although there is an existing IDP, it is now more than 15 years old and requires updating to reflect current planning policies, address development and growth issues, and explore opportunities for intermunicipal cooperation.

To read more about this project, visit the project page here.