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Building Services

Building Permit Requirements

Information Required to Obtain a Building Permit

Printable version of Information Required to Obtain a Building Permit

  1. Two copies of your construction plans, including door and window sizes(one will be returned with the permit);
  2. Site plan showing the setbacks from the building to the property lines and the driveway indicated;
  3. Building Permit Application Form A;
  4. Residential Mechanical Ventilation and Heat loss calculation;
  5. Electrical, Plumbing, & Gas applications and ensure applications are completed with the name of the contractor and the provincial license number or have a subcontractor apply and pay for permit;
  6. Certificate of title showing ownership of the property;
  7. A Roadside Development Permit from Alberta Transportation is required for any development within 300m of a controlled highway or within 800 m of an intersection of a controlled highway and another public road way;
  8. Preserved wood foundations require a covering letter from a Professional Engineer submitted at the time of application and the inspection letter after completion of foundation will be sent to the M.D. of Foothills No. 31;
  9. When a move-on residence is proposed (excludes new ready-to-move homes):
  10. The applicant will require a Professional Engineer's inspection report on residence prior to application;
  11. Include engineered roof and floor truss layouts;
  12. Concrete walls greater than 9' wall height and more than 7'6" backfill height require a P.Eng. Design;
  13. Include the value of the development, excluding land;
  14. Include your name, mailing address, and the signature of the land owner;
  15. Building Permit Application fees, which include:
    a. $75.00 Filing Fee per application
    b. $0.48/sq. ft. on main floor / second floor
    c. $0.24/sq. ft. on basement for walkout basements only & Bi-Level
    d. $0.27/sq. ft. for garage
    e. $0.37/sq. ft. for commercial
    f. $0.30/sq. ft. for mobile homes

    ** Additional information required for mobile homes:
    Year ________ Make ______ Model ________ Size _________
    Fireplaces: $135.00 Masonry $105.00 Freestanding
  16. Electrical & Plumbing Permit Application fees, which include:
    (Permits are valid for a 12 month period)
    a. $140.00 up to 1,200 sq. ft.
    b. $190.00 1,201 - 1500 sq. ft.
    c. $210.00 1501 - 2500 sq. ft.
    d. $265.00 Over 2,500 sq. ft.
    ** Apartment or Condominium - $100.00 per unit
  17. Gas Permits - $120.00
  18. Septic Permits - $160.00

Note: An additional Safety Code Fee of 4% will be calculated on the total permit fees listed above. If Development of Construction proceeds prior to obtaining the proper permits, the fee shall be doubled.

Building Permits may take approximately two weeks for processing. You will be required to have the appropriate inspections done as requested by the Building Officer / Safety Codes Officer. We request that you give at least two days notice for needed inspection.

Building Permit Fees

Fees shall be paid for at time of application.
Building Permit Fee Schedule and Commercial Fee Schedule coming soon.
Note: No construction, including foundation or excavation, shall take place unless a Permit has been issued.
Anyone who starts construction without a Permit may be subject to their building permit fee being 200% of the fee prescribed or $500.00 plus 150% of the fee prescribed, whichever is less pursuant to the MD's Permit Fee Bylaw.